Our Brain Training Programmes

Brain Training is an essential ingredient of New Education. Hence, instead of limiting our programme to weekly enrichment, parents can choose to expose their children to Brain Training every day. Also, we have the ambition of bringing Brain Training, and thus New Education to every family in Singapore. Yet, we understand that each families’ needs are different. Hence, we have designed various Brain Training programmes to suit various considerations families may have.

Brain Training Daily Programmes

Childcare service is a necessity in Singapore. As such, unlike a regular childcare, New Education is woven into our childcare service. In fact, other than the care routines, New Education is what powers our Holistic Childcare programme.

We include Whole Brain English, Math, Chinese and Geography, among other electives to build firm foundations in our children’s cognitive abilities. Consequently, children are equipped with the language and mathematics requirement for primary school by just attending our the Stamford Holistic Childcare.

Children can learn to read, spell and write before they enter Primary 1.

KinderGenius is Stamford’s kindergarten-equivalent programme. With Whole Brain Training still the main thrust of KinderGenius, the programme focuses on equipping children with skills like reading, spelling, comprehending and writing. In terms of mathematics, foundation skills like understanding numbers and working with numbers.

For just 3 hours a day, KinderGenius strips away the bells and whistles and focuses on what is most important during a child’s critical development years.

Ultimately, New Education does not only prepares them for Primary School, but also for life. With KinderGenius, 3 hours per day is more than enough.

Brain Training Weekly Enrichment

Alternatively, Stamford also offers once a week enrichment. Contrary to industry standards, we offer a one-stop solution for families. This is because we centralise Whole Brain Training, English and Math enrichment.

With branches conveniently located at Central areas as well as Heartland areas, New Education has only grown more accessible to families in Singapore.

Brain Training Short Term Programmes

As Stamford trusts that children between 18 months to 6 years have immense cognitive potential that can be developed, we also offer Short Term/Holiday Programmes. This is for families who wish to enrol their children in meaningful, enriching and transformative holiday.


Stamford believes that trial classes are one of the best ways for parents to find out if a programme is suitable. Hence, based on the various programmes Stamford offers, trial classes/trial periods are available.


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