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Stamford Education is committed to making New Education accessible. Hence, the move to the North-East region of Singapore where many young families reside. 

Despite the increased number of schools in the North-East region, most only provide traditional education, which is increasingly less beneficial for children over time. Thus, located just mere minutes from Sengkang MRT, stands a wholly different school – Stamford Education. 

Programme Offerings

Contrary to the traditional understanding of education, one does not need to spend an overwhelming amount of time to master new skills. Much can be achieved when we meaningfully do the Right Thing at the Right Time.

With KinderGenius, just 3 hours a day, Stamford Education has consistently achieved amazing learning outcomes that far exceeds industry standards.

Our winning formula with KinderGenius is simple: we strip away the “bells and whistles” and focus on the right things. Hence, the 3 hours each child spends in preschool or our kindergarten-equivalent is immensely well-spent.

Instead of the traditional kindergartens of preschool, give your child an opportunity to do more with their precious and limited time with KinderGenius.

Stamford understands that as much as parents love to, sometimes the logistics simply does not work out. Even though opting for Childcare or KinderGenius seems to be the better option, Weekly Enrichment is available for parents who believe in Stamford Education’s New Education.

If we only had 1 hour to transform your child a week, what would you rather we work on – increasing cognitive abilities or increasing rote learning?

New Education is revolutionary. Even if children are exposed to New Education only once a week, it still holds a transformative power over their lives.

Key Information


323a Sengkang East Way 

Nearest MRT and LRT Station:


Buses thet Stop Nearby: 

43, 43M, 50, 83, 85, 102, 109, 119, 156, 159, 161, 372, NR6

To find out more about New Education and Stamford’s brand of Whole Brain Training, we invite you to join us personally at our Stamford Workshops.

During which, you will learn about:

  • the type of activities we conduct in classes
  • how do we achieve No Homework, No Revision and No Stress
  • programme details
  • branch details

Stamford Workshops currently held in our Seng Kang branch happens on most Saturdays at 11am, 1pm and 3pm, and on most Sundays at 11am and 1pm.

Should the above timings prove inconvenient, we may be able to arrange for appointments outside of those timings.

Please contact us to make arrangements to visit our branch.

We look forward to having your child enrolled in our school!

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