4 years to 5 years

By the time your child turns 5 years, he/she has the potential to meet the following learning outcomes.


  • Learn to read Advanced Articles (for example, from The Straits Times)
  • Answer questions about the Advanced Articles


  • Learn to solve Basic Problem Sums
  • Perform Mental Calculations
  • Work with numbers up to 1000

Your Child’s Developmental Milestones between 4 and 5 years

  • Your child has a growing attention span
  • Your child can understand the concept of numbers


  • Your child can understand the mechanics of reading
  • Your child can pick up 4 to 6 new words a day

The Stamford Difference for children between 4 and 5 years

  • Applying the mechanics of reading to difficult articles like The Straits Times or National Geographic for Kids

  • Comprehend difficult reading materials

  • Answer questions to demonstrate understanding

  • Visualize solutions, performing mental calculation

  • Marry literacy with numeracy to solve problem sums