The Key Ingredients of New Education

The Key Ingredients of New Education is straightforward: Neuroscience, No Homework, No Revision and No Stress.

At the same time, still achieve the results of being able to Read, Think and Solve.

Why is New Education necessary?

Traditional Education is no longer helpful for children today. Not especially when children are expected to cram more and more information at younger ages. It increases stress for both parents and children, and causes children to lose their natural curiosity to learn and explore. This is a problem.

Stamford has found a way for young children to pick up necessary literacy and numeracy skills without the usual ingredients of rote memorisation, endless repetitions and stress.

How then do we teach a preschooler spelling?

How do we develop the ability to read?

How can toddlers learn to count and understand numbers beyond the first 10 or 20 numbers?

Is there a better way for children to prepare for primary school without the usual stress, homework and revision?

Better still, how do we help a child move beyond the simple proficiency levels and be mature thinkers who can Read, Think and Solve?

Stamford Education bridges the preschool gap with New Methods, New Processes and New Results. 

What is the outcome of New Education? An ability to Read, Think and Solve that far exceeds what an average preschooler can do. All these without extra hours spent in the classroom or enrichment lessons.