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Today is a fun and energetic day for the children of Stamford! The teacher invited the students out to play and have fun! When children play, ideas and skills become meaningful tools that are practiced, and that is why the teachers would always prepare something new for the students to work on; and it never gets boring! The teacher prepared the obstacle courses that the children have to accomplish – hula-hoops, cones, and many more… Surely, it’s a new challenge for the little ones.

The teachers called the children and grouped them into two. They had to beat each obstacle courses and whoever finishes first will be the winner. The children were cheering so loudly and you can see the excitement on their faces. They ran around the outdoor play ground, and beat every obstacle that’s ahead of them. You can feel their joy with every accomplishment they made.

Anakin and Glenn are getting fired up and gave it their all for their cheering teams. “Go Anakin! Go Glenn!”

It was during this magical moment that the photographer took this shot!