Why Stamford?

Stamford Education believes that the groundwork for literacy and numeracy can be laid with no homework, no revision and no stress.

The first journeys children embark on inevitably involve preschool education. In the past, preschool constituted of only childcare or kindergarten. Yet, in the recent years, preschool children are no longer exempt from enrichment classes.

With increasing academic expectations placed on incoming primary school children, many parents feel like they are forced to choose between giving their children a great foundation (through weekends packed with preschool enrichment) and a happy childhood that involves only play and learning through play.

However, Stamford believes that children between 18 months and 6 years have exceptional ability to learn new skills and develop core cognitive abilities. Hence, preschool education done right can also help children build strong foundation in literacy and numeracy. Better yet, cultivate a global perspective.

What is education done right? It is New Education, which requires the Right Thing to be done at the Right Time.

The Right Thing? Preparing a good foundation in children but not at the expense of a happy childhood.

Your child is on his first journeys in life – what life will your child live?

You, as parents, have the ability to decide to give your child the best preschool experience.