With the New Methods that come with New Education, Stamford Education will fundamentally transform the way your child learns during their preschool, formative years.

New Methods involves doing the right thing at the right time.

Since traditional education’s methods work only to limited extents, Stamford has upended what is done in the classroom with New Methods. 

Do the Right Thing…

In the past, cramming, rote memory, endless drilling and repetition (just to name a few) were the ways to go. However, with children being expected to know more before primary school, the traditional method of information cramming is no longer enough. We have to increase a child’s ability to Read, Think and Solve.

Hence, the Right Thing to do in the classroom is to no longer teach but to train a child’s Life-Defining Abilities.

Brain Training vs Brain Cramming

Life-Defining Abilities include but are not limited to:

  • having sustained attention
  • ability to process information quickly
  • possessing creativity
  • exercising flexibility
  • receiving and filing information
  • retrieving information from memory
  • mentally visualising concepts
  • recognising patterns
  • communicating through language

The cultivation of the above Life-Defining Abilities can only be accomplished through Whole Brain Training – a method of Brain Training that only Stamford Education employs in classrooms.

Is Right and Left Brain Training Whole Brain Training?

Whole Brain Training is not Right and/or Left Brain Training. In fact, Whole Brain Training is more than just Right and Left Brain Training added together. For example, if you have gone for a hand and feet massage, you would not consider that as a complete, full body massage.


The result of Whole Brain Training? Measurable and concise literacy and numeracy skills mastery we can observe in children.


The Achievable Proficiency (Literacy) children can demonstrate with Life-Defining Abilities strengthened include:

  • 2 year old reading 500 First Words
  • 3 year old reading 2000 Advanced Words
  • 4 year old spelling the 2500 First and Advanced Words
  • 5 year old reading difficult materials (The Straits Times, National Geographic etc)
  • 6 year old completing Primary Level Written Comprehension and Composition


The Achievable Proficiency (Numeracy) children can demonstrate with Life-Defining Abilities strengthened include:

  • 2 year old recognising numbers from 1 to 100
  • 3 year old understanding and working with numbers within 100
  • 4 year old understanding and working with numbers within 1000
  • 5 year old solving Multi-Step Problem sums
  • 6 year old solving Daily Life problems and applying heuristics, bar modelling and number bonds to solve problem sums

In short, the Right Thing to do should not be information cramming. Instead, it should be cognitive abilities development and strengthening. Doing the Right Thing will ensure that the results will follow.

Doing the Right Thing at the Right Time

The development and strengthening of a child’s Life-Defining Abilities are best done during the Golden Age Period – the Right Time.

What is the “Golden Age Period”?

The Golden Age Period is simply the age when a child’s brain is at its most plastic state. In order words, the best time to create lasting effects to a child’s brain for life. If a child does not receive critical stimulus and develop Life-Defining Abilities at this age, efforts in the future when the child is older may not be as successful, or easy. 

GAP Graph

So, when is the Golden Age Period?

Scientists all of the world do not dispute that the Golden Age Period is between the time a child is born till they turn 7 years.

Patricia Kuhl Photo

At Stamford, we recognize that the earliest years of a child are absolutely critical in determining the development and strengthening of Life-Defining Abilities in children. Hence, we specialize in providing preschool education for children between 18 months to 7 years old.

Can Stamford’s New Methods really help my child?

Parents often ask how can we be sure that our methods really benefit children.

Here is where, stripped of marketing jargons, we are honest and transparent with thousands of Stamford Children’s New Results.

With Stamford Education, children can achieve amazing learning results in literacy and numeracy. However, the results were never the goal. They are merely the by-product of New Education.

To find out more, we invite you to read on about the New Processes that we combine with Whole Brain Training.