5 years to 6 years

By the time your child turns 6 years, he/she has the potential to meet the following learning outcomes.


  • Written Comprehension
  • Written¬†Composition
  • Learn to plan out a full composition (brainstorm, selecting and expanding ideas, express in writing


  • Learn Problem Solving Heuristics and Thinking Skills
  • Solve Multi-Step Problem sums concerning Length, Mass, Time, Money etc
  • Solve Math-Olympiad questions

Your Child’s Developmental Milestones between 5 and 6 years

  • Your child is mastering how to write

  • Your child can begin to understand time and money

  • Your child learns to question and ask questions

  • Your child is mimicking and developing speech patterns

The Stamford Difference for children between 5 and 6 years

  • Learn the process of writing a composition from start to finish

  • Respond to Primary School Composition and Comprehension practices

  • Communicate effectively in daily life

  • Apply different approaches to solve problem sums

  • Incorporate understanding of operations with topics like Length, Mass, Time and Money