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Lunches are always a rambunctious affair. With all the little children crowding around and waiting to collect their lunchboxes to seats, you can never tell apart the chitter chatter. A distance away, we hear a peal of giggles. These giggles are not sharp or exceptionally loud – the girls behind those sounds are genuinely amused by something.

Fast forward 10 minutes, and all the little children are situated and all ready to dig into their lunch boxes. Yet, the giggles can still be heard.

The lady behind the lens can no longer resist. She walks over to the source of the giggles – Ellie and Gwenneth. And asks, “what’s so funny?”

All she got in return were more giggles and a thumbs up from Ellie.

I guess the adults like you and I will never know what made those girls so happy that afternoon.