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At the end of 2016, the world was swept into the world of Moana. Naturally, Stamford was not protected from the forces of Disney Magic. Every once in a while, we will be treated to a broken but impassioned renditon of “How Far I’ll Go”. The most commonly heard words?

“…sea…it calls meeeeee…know…how far I’ll gooooooo” and the likes of it. I mean, if you sing with enough passion, and gusto, and “oomph”, nobody cares about the lyrics, right?

Johann loves Moana, but he doesn’t always belt out those songs in school. Instead he dives into the world of pretend and becomes the lead character of whichever plot, or whichever scene he plunges into. Little does he know, we are well aware of some of his secret escapades, even though we can only peer into that fantasy life from the outside.

During one of the outdoor play sessions, while mounted on the peaks of movable life-sized lego blocks, he stood there for a good few seconds. We may be completely wrong about this, but we’d like to imagine that he has escaped yet again. This time to be the captain of his ship, embarked on yet another precarious voyage.