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“Lucas! Clap! Lucas, clap!”

What do you get when you place the most enthusiastic boy in class and the cheeriest little boy of his age? Let me tell you, you get the front-row seat to the purest form of joy anyone can experience.

While the rest of the boisterous L1Juniors are bustling about, creating a buzz of excitement because of the impending Outdoor Play they will be treated to, Koei and Lucas are irrevocably engrossed in each other’s company.

No screens, no toys, no tools, not even the cubes the children are familiar with, with which they can configure endless creations. As they wait for their turn to put on their shoes, they are left with nothing but their friends and their imaginations.

TIll now, as we revisit this memory on that one afternoon, we still have not privy to what they are clapping, or cheering about. I doubt these boys remember, too. Yet I am beyond assured that the companionship they enjoyed then, is something they will continue to enjoy between themselves. For it is a world they have created for themselves, and for themselves only.