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“That is a really cool mask, Asher! What is your superpower?”

“Uhm, teacher this! This is my superpower!”

Excitedly, he extends his hand and pretended to manipulate the airflow around himself, shooting bolts of “pretend energy”.

His little antic drew shrieks of laughter from his classmates. He sheepishly smiled from all the attention his friends were giving him.

“Asher, wow! That sounds like an awesome superpower! What is your superhero name? We can’t just call you Asher now, can we?”

“Teacher, teacher, I know! You can call me SuperAsher!”

As the afternoon of shenanigans wore on, even though not everyone is as demonstrative as Asher, it was clear they ALL had fun. After all, the best moments of fun came from spurts of adventure they brought their friends on – one sentence of fantasy at a time.

Children grow up wanting to be superheroes with superpowers, but unbeknownst to these younglings, a pure heart and an imaginative mind has already clothed them with the greatest power yet.