Sassy Recommends Stamford Childcare

Singapore’s First

Brain Training Childcare

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Sunshine in the City

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  • Outdoor patio (3000 square feet, spacious and fun!)
  • Play area conveniently located in indoor premises (Safe for Children’s movement)
  • Enforces foundation building, including kinaesthetic development for holistic learning.
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Brain Training Results

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  • Your only Whole Brain Education Childcare in Singapore
  • Stamford embarks on New Education, a combination of whole brain training and expert methods.
  • Tailored programs for every child to maximise efficiency and competency.

Preparation for Primary 1

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  • Emotional readiness for the challenges of primary school education.
  • Performing mental calculations confidently
  • Reading the Straits Times effortlessly.
  • Age appropriate character understanding and global awareness.
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Are You Ready To Join Forces To Work Towards a Progressive Future of Your Child?

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The Stamford children read The Straits Times, perform Mental Calculations and showcase amazing feats at young ages.

To witness thousands of amazing learning results,  scroll through our results portal below.

All Kids Awe Results

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The Stamford Open House

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Stamford Education is Singapore’s most prestigious Whole Brain Education provider. Aside from the world class curriculum, Stamford Education operates Singapore’s LARGEST 12,000 sqft Whole Brain Training Childcare in Downtown Orchard.

At the Stamford Open House, we will show you the Stamford Difference.

Independent children can have loads of fun with children treadmills, twisters, obstacle courses and IQ puzzles in our Open House. All activities are carefully crafted with first class learning material imported from the US, Canada, Germany, the University of Oxford and more.

Slots are limited. Kindly note that our confirmations can only be provided on a first come first served basis.

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